Hello Glow

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Forget paying big bucks at a spa, or slathering on overpriced “mystery cream” that contains who knows what. Make your own fresh, organic, and effective spa, skincare, hair-maintenance, and cosmetics recipes at home with these beautiful, tried-and-tested tutorials. From masks of all flavors and for all skin types, to soothing bath oils and invigorating scrubs, and from treats for your tresses to beauty-boosting DIY cosmetics, Hello Glow has you covered.

Featuring a collection of favorite recipes from her site and all-new ideas that Stephanie has cooked up from scratch, Hello Glow readers will discover: For the Face - more than 50 recipes to put your best face forward Brightening Geranium Moisturizer Cranberry Lip Gloss+Cheek Stain Balancing Rosemary-Thyme Toner Acai Berry + Honey Mask All-Natural Customizable Beetroot Blush Silky Avocado Eye Cream Rich Mocha Mud Mask For the Body - an indulgent collection of soaps, perfumes, bath mixes, and more Revitalizing Herbal Detox Body Wrap Cellulite-Smoothing Kiwi Scrub Zinc-Coconut Sunscreen Cozy Vanilla-Chai Body Oil Perfect-for-Your-Purse Solid Perfume Mustard-Ginger Bath Bomb Mint-Mojito Foot Scrub For the Hair - have a good hair day with these shampoos, masks, scalp scrubs and sprays! Rosemary-Nettle Rinse Rich Coconut-Pumpkin Mask Customizable Dry Shampoo Ginger Hot-Oil Treatment Rose-Water Anti-Frizz Spray Nourishing Peach Scalp Scrub Color-Enhancing Hair Masks Start your journey to a healthier life and look with this all-inclusive guide to natural beauty!

[By Stephanie Gerber]