Sallye Ander Handmade Soap

$ 9.00

These incredible soaps are finely-crafted essentials made from high-quality edible ingredients and essential oils to gently care for your skin. Handmade by the Austin Family since 1982.

[SIZE: 5 oz. | 100% Handmade Hypoallergenic]

Lavender Moon: Lavender and oatmeal calm and repair stressed skin.

Almond Goat Milk: Goat milk is rich in essential fatty acids helping to reduce wrinkles and hydrate skin.

Milk & Mint: Spearmint oil and barley grass add antioxidants to skin and help treat skin irritations. 

Lemongrass + Charcoal: Rich in antioxidants rejuvenating skin to its natural glow. 

Hogwash: Washes just about anything! Perfect scrub for mechanics, gardeners and kids, and makes a great laundry treatment.

Poison Ivy: Soothing itch relief for face and body. Safe for children.

Apple Crisp: Everyone’s favorite dessert is the inspiration behind our most popular seasonal soap. Apples naturally soften and provide moisture to dry skin. It’s a delectable toning and rejuvenating bar, with fresh apples crushed in, creating a bright apple and cinnamon scent. For dry, sensitive skin.